A Healthy Food Subscription Start-Up

A Healthy Food Subscription Start-Up

Herbshire is a food and beverage (F&B) start-up that focuses on healthy and hygienic food subscriptions. The company’s aim was to provide its customers with an easy and convenient way to manage their subscriptions.


Herbshire faced the following challenges:

  • To provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for customers to purchase subscriptions online
  • To enable customers to manage their subscriptions with just a few clicks without having to contact Herbshire representatives
  • To help Herbshire plan their orders in advance and meet customer demands efficiently

Options Considered

To address the above challenges, Otobit, a software solutions company, worked with Herbshire to explore the following options:

  • Website: A website seemed like the obvious choice, but Herbshire’s requirements were so custom that a quick Shopify or WordPress website wouldn’t have solved it. Additionally, not all of Herbshire’s clients are tech-savvy, making website navigation difficult for some.
  • App: An app would have provided a great user experience, but the upfront cost of building one was high, and not all of Herbshire’s customers are tech-savvy.
  • WhatsApp Bot: All of Herbshire’s customers had smartphones and used WhatsApp, making a WhatsApp Bot the most accessible solution. Additionally, Otobit is a leader in WhatsApp ChatBot technology, making it the ideal choice for Herbshire.

Final Solution

Herbshire, based on Otobit’s recommendation, opted for the following solution:

  • WhatsApp ChatBot: A WhatsApp ChatBot was implemented for customer interactions, providing an accessible and user-friendly solution.
  • NodeJS Backend: The backend was built on NodeJS, providing a robust and scalable solution for managing orders.
  • React Front-End: The admin front-end was built in React js, enabling the Herbshire team to manage menus and delivery schedules efficiently.
  • MongoDB Database: The database was implemented in MongoDB, providing a flexible and adaptable solution to accommodate Herbshire’s ever-changing business needs.


Herbshire successfully addressed its challenges and provided a convenient and user-friendly solution to its customers with the help of Otobit. The solution implemented, which includes a WhatsApp ChatBot, NodeJS backend, React front-end, and MongoDB database, provides a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of Herbshire’s business.

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